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Morgan is a Dharawal & Widjabul descendant, accredited clinical Nutritionist and a lover of food as medicine.

She is passionate about using a holistic grassroots approach and evidence based medicine to heal the body. Morgan aims to see her clients thrive, educating them to take charge of all aspects of their health. Morgan is excited to expand her Nutrition business into a larger scale operation with Cody, and be able to offer more opportunities to give back to mob and the local community.




Cody is a Badjiri & Wiradjuri man, and passionate about helping people.

Cody has plans to expand the hubs capacity to further support local and far reaching mob, and community projects with the profits generated from the hub. Having run a large logistics company, Cody is an asset to our hub. Cody will ensure our hub runs smoothly and will oversee all community projects and donations. Cody will also be expanding the hub into offering additional services, including lawn care, home maintenance and cleaning.



Occupational Therapist

With almost 15 years of diverse clinical experience spanning Disability, Aged Care, and Community Therapy, Lara brings her wealth of expertise to our dedicated team as an Occupational Therapist.

What fuels Lara’s drive and boundless energy is her genuine belief that every individual deserves the opportunity to be the best they can be. She is committed to making a difference in the lives of those she serves.

Lara’s extensive experience allows her to work with people of all ages, and she holds a special passion for areas such as Mental Health, Disability, and Neurodiversity, which include ADHD and Autism. Her services also extend to various crucial domains including; Capacity Building and Living Skills, Functional Assessments, Family-Centered Therapy, Play Therapy, Equipment and Assistive Technology, Emotional Regulation, Sensory Processing, Aged Care, Rehabilitation, Manual Handling and Comprehensive and Flexible Care.

In addition to assessments, Lara offers evidence-based therapeutic interventions through a variety of settings, including in-clinic, school, home, and group environments. For clients in remote locations, she provides convenient Telehealth sessions.

Outside of her professional life, Lara is a loving mother of two wonderful boys. She shares a deep passion for traveling and exploring new horizons with her family, showcasing her commitment to creating memorable experiences both inside and outside of work.


Speech Pathologist

Kate stands as a seasoned Speech Pathologist with an impressive track record of delivering personalised assessments and targeted interventions across the lifespan.

Her six years of experience showcase a commitment to excellence and a nuanced understanding of complex disabilities. Specializing in conditions like Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, and selective mutism, Kate approaches her work with a holistic and person-centered perspective. This involves close collaboration with families and support teams to tailor interventions that address the unique needs of each client.

A key highlight of Kate’s expertise lies in her

specialisation in Paediatric Feeding, Dysphagia & Mealtime Management. This specialised training equips her to navigate challenges related to feeding difficulties and swallowing disorders in children, ensuring comprehensive care that goes beyond traditional speech pathology. Additionally, Kate’s proficiency extends to Alternative & Augmentative Communication, Mental Health & Trauma, and Speech & Language Disorders, showcasing her versatility in addressing a wide range of communication challenges.

What sets Kate apart is not just her wealth of knowledge but also her commitment to continuous improvement. Actively engaging in ongoing professional development, she remains at the forefront of her field, integrating the latest evidence-based practices into her interventions. This dedication positions Kate as a trusted and effective professional, capable of delivering high-quality, individualized care to her diverse clientele.


Speech Pathologist

Holly is a new graduate Speech Pathologist from Northern NSW with experience in delivering standardised and play-based assessment and interventions.

Throughout her clinical experience, she has found a passion for early language and neurodiversity. Holly’s love for learning and empathetic nature drives her to provide individual and holistic care to her clients.

Her easy-going demeanor has allowed her to build meaningful connections through her AHA role and clinical experience, which she looks forward to building with her new clients. She has had experience with a variety of paediatric clients aged from 2-15 years of age within preschool, primary school, and clinic settings, and has enjoyed creating therapy to suit her client’s individual needs.

Holly grew up on a farm and loves to be out and about in nature. She enjoys bushwalking, hiking, and travelling in her free time. She has a love for reading and learning and has a deep connection to her family and sense of community.


Speech Pathologist

Meet Chloe, a new graduate speech pathologist fresh from Coonamble, a charming country town nestled in central west NSW.

Armed with experience in conducting standardised assessments, Chloe is driven by a heartfelt desire to empower children to excel in their communication skills. Her genuine enthusiasm shines as she witnesses the remarkable progress of clients throughout therapy sessions. Chloe is dedicated to continuously honing her clinical skills, ensuring the highest level of care for every individual she works with. Beyond her professional pursuits, Chloe finds joy in outdoor adventures and exploring new destinations.

Join us in extending a warm welcome to Chloe, as she embarks on this fulfilling journey of making a positive impact through Speech Therapy.

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